2016-17 Bobblehead Info


West View Tennis Center's Saturday afternoon Bobblehead league is our most popular league. A quick intro about the league:

1) Play runs on Saturday afternoons from 12:30-2, 2-3:30,  and 3:30-5.  Emails and/or text messages are sent to all players early in the week to find out who is and is not available, and at what times. Choose 1 or more times to play and reply to the email so we know who is available to play.

2) This is a doubles league: depending upon who is available, you might play men's, women's,  mixed,  3 men and a women, or 3 women and a man - I try to make the matches competitive based on level of play, not gender.                           

3) Play as a full time or part time player.  Full time players pay a flat $210+tax and can play as many of the 23 week season as they like;            part time players (or "subs") pay $15+tax with the annual fee paid, $17+tax without;  students $12 + tax with the annual fee paid, $14+tax without; and can pick and choose the weeks they wish to play. Prices include court time, a new  can of balls, and bottled water. If you play more than 1 match, the cost is $12+tax for matches other than your first. Players have until the end of October to decide whether or not to play as a full or part time player; if the player decides to play full time, the weekly money paid to that point will be credited.

4) Linda, my wife, and I put  together  an assorment of food each week: cheese, fruit, bread, dessert, and hot dishes like chili or pulled pork when the weather turns cold for the players to enjoy before or after play. Players are welcome to contribute a dish if they like, but of course is not required.

5) West View puts the matches together by sending a Thursday or Friday email that lists the Saturday Bobblehead lineup. The lineups are also posted  on the web site. 

6 ) Players are divided into 6 teams. You play matches on behalf of your team: 1 point if you lose, 2 points if you win.  If you play more than 1 match: 1/2 point if you lose, 1 point if you win for matches 2 or 3.  All players on the winning team at the end of the year who have played at least 5 matches win Bobblehead trophies.

8) WVU home football games are unofficial weeks that don't count in the standings. Price is only $12 + tax per player, whether your annual fee is paid or not. Snacks will be provided.                                                                                                               



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