2016-17 Friday Advanced (4.0+) Singles/Doubles Match(es) Info


Dates of Play

October 2015- April 2016
Fridays 6-8 pm

Pricing Info

$12 per player+tax (with annual fee)
$14 per player + tax (without annual fee) 

2 hour match includes bottled water and new tennis balls

Rules/How the League Works

1) Matches are played from 6-8 pm on Friday evenings in various formats, based upon the level and number of the players. If there are 8 players, the format will be all doubles: possibly 1 match on both courts, possibly "winners vs winners" - 2 matches on both courts; or even a round robin format, where everyone plays 3 matches, utilizing both courts. If there are 4 players, the format could be singles for the first hour and doubles for the second utilizing both courts for the first hour and 1 court for the second hour; or all doubles ... 1 match or 2, utilizing only 1 court. Finally, if there are 6 players, there will be a combination of singles and doubles played, utilizing both courts. And Steve is the wild card ... if there are an odd number of players available, Steve plays to make the number even. 

2) Emails/texts are sent out early in the week (Monday or Tuesday)  in order to find out who can and cannot play on Friday. The lineup is posted and emailed on Thursday night, the day before  the match(es) are scheduled. 

**** Note the great deal ... even if singles is played, the price stays the same as for doubles: $12 or $14 + tax for 2 hours with new balls and bottled water included.  ****




West View Tennis Center
"It's All About the People"

518 Fairmont Road
Morgantown, WV 26501