2016-17 Fall/Winter LEAGUES


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                                        1) Monday - Sunday: Singles Ladder League (all levels of play)                 
2) Friday 6-8 PM Advanced (4.0+) Singles/Doubles Match(es)                   

                                   3)Saturday Afternoon Bobblehead Doubles League (all levels of play)

                                              4) Sunday Afternoon High School Junior League (check back)

                                           5) Intermediate singles/doubles league (time to be determined, check back)

                                               6) Saturday 5:30 PM Intermediate or Advanced Mixed Doubles (check back) 

         7) Saturday thru Wednesday Pickleball (check back)

             8) Weeknight advanced women's doubles (check back)






For Every  league listed:
Days and times of matches are set up for you – no need to find players or courts

No commitment -  only play when available     -      Jump into and out of leagues at any time


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